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New Psy-trance EP from Stuntproject

The debut EP from Stuntproject is a must have for every psy-trance fan. The release features two tracks, including “Consciousness”, and “Origin”.

The release includes two strong tracks that describe perfectly the unique style of Stuntproject. The first track, named Consciousness, is a powerful dance floor tune at 145 Bpm with sophisticated sounds and changing grooves. The second track, Origin, also at 145 Bpm, is a solid production full of intensity.

Out now on Psy Fiction Records

Stuntproject debut EP on our record label is a solid release that showcases a nice mix of dance floor and production that represents his style perfectly. The sound quality is good, but the production and performance are excellent.

We’ve been following Stuntproject since his first tracks. The unique sound and production style are what drew us to him. He brings a very intense vibe to the tracks in this release that gives this single a great sound quality, and showcases some great psy-trance made in Portugal.

Furthermore, we can find some own unique elements to this release with his powerful beat that makes it stand out.

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The new Psy-trance EP from Stuntproject  is also Available for Digital  Streaming + Download, unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, Including plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Enjoy the finest psy-trance bounce sounds carefully curated & picked by Psy Fiction Records crew.